Canine Winter Care Checklist (because we care) xx

Winter is here and with the cold weather comes more obvious joint pain and stiffness for many dogs. As well as a soft warm place to sleep there are some other ideas below to help keep your forever friend happy this season. Download here

01 Wrap Up
It is great to get out walking even in the colder weather but make sure your dog is warm enough. A dog coat is a good idea, and looks super cute

02 Dry Off
After a walk make sure wet or muddy pooches are dried off and have a warm place to snuggle up away from any cold drafts

03 Inside Days
If your dog isn’t up for an outside adventure you can still provide lots of inside games and toys to keep them moving

04 Meal Size
Adjust your dogs diet in winter if you find they are less active. Weight gain puts stress on your dogs joints so try and maintain their optimal size

05 Car Rides
Never leave your dog unattended in the car. Just as cars can become fatally hot in summer, temperatures can drop very quickly in cold weather. Download your checklist here