Top tips for dog ramps or stairs for your best buddy

Ramp vs Stairs

Generally ramps are easier on your dogs joints than stairs. For either option just make sure the angle is not too steep and there is a non-slip covering.

Large Dogs
Make sure to choose a ramp that is sturdy, and wide enough for your dog. There is a HUGE choice of ramps available to buy so make sure you do your homework and get the one that is right for your lifestyle and space. Alternatively if you are handy with the power tools then there are some fantastic DIY tutorials online. This is one of our favorites from Fox & Brie.

Small Dogs
There are so many choices available for smaller dogs including gorgeous padded bean-bag style ramps which we are just a wee bit obsessed with. Check out the Wamp Pet Ramp by Fresh American.

Remember whatever you use your dog will benefit from greater freedom and reduced joint strain.